Map of Desired Bicycle Routes

Note: The maps here have not been updated since 2003 and are becoming out of date. This effort has been superceded by the newer Google-based BikeZip mapping project! (project site is here). That project is in development and hasn't yet created working maps.

In any case the maps here are generally not meant to guide bicyclists in their travels. Instead they are meant to guide advocacy efforts. Many of the routes are merely planned or desired (marked as dotted lines). With care however, you might learn something about existing bikeable routes (solid lines) and some of the links are useful too.

Click on any box in the index map below to bring up a detailed layered view of the bike plan for that area.

You will have problems viewing "layered" maps if you are not running MS Internet Explorer (version 5 or later) or if your browser does not support JavaScript or frames. In this case, please view the non-layered version of the map.

The route map was last updated July 27, 2003. It is not yet complete. Some routes are based on educated guesswork and must be checked and discussed further. The map is roughly 70% complete.

Classification/Color Scheme

See the map key for the route classification/color scheme.

Constraints on Route Types

See the constraints to be applied to each route type.

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