Key to Bicycle Route Maps

Line types

Line Colors

Our bike map identifies existing, planned or desired bicycle facilities as any of the following:

Note that roads may be "dual facilities" - red AND green, or blue AND green.

Constraints that we would like to see applied to each type of bike route are described on the constraints page.

Comment on Green vs. Purple

The county master plan generally calls trails maintained by M-NCPPC "park trails" and draws them in purple. Shared use trails that are maintained by DWPT (normally those running next to a road or railroad) are called "shared use path/off road" and colored green in the master plan.

However, the color scheme used by this bicycle map project bases green & purple on a trail's interaction with car traffic, not jurisdiction. We'll use purple for any trail that has very limited interference from roads, including the CCT, Georgetown Branch Trail, North Bethesda Trolley Trail, and trails running alongside LIMITED access highways like the proposed Montrose Parkway or the ICC.

Green in our own scheme is used for trails running alonside all other roads, where turning cars, intersections, etc. are frequently encountered.

The distinction is important because trails away from roads create fewer conflicts with cars and other trail users and are therefore typically much more pleasant, less awkward, and safer for cyclists. The include the most popular trails in the county.

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