Speed Tables and Pedestrian Islands

Here are some photos of speed tables, pedestrian refuge islands and roundabouts (traffic circles) designed to enhance pedestrian safety and deter speeding. These features could be used along Westlake Drive by Montgomery Mall to reduce the very high rate of pedestrian fatalities there (4% of all countywide fatalities since 2000). Speed tables (basically wide speed bumps) can be combined with crosswalks, pedestrian islands, lane shifts and other features. For more information contact me, Jack Cochrane (Wildwood Hills Citizens Association) at 301-767-5998 or via email at:

Speed table 4-way intersection

Speed table crosswalk with median refuge island

Midblock speed table crosswalk with island

Speed table crosswalk with posts

Pedestrians can be given orange flags for visibility

Another speed table crosswalk with island

Another example

Simple median island

Speed table at 3-way-intersection

Street that has it all: intersection speed table, roundabouts, crosswalks, retail shopping

Speed table crosswalk on a smaller street

Speed table crosswalk on urban street

Minimal pedestrian island

Multi-lane roundabout with lane shifts for traffic calming

Approach to roundabout with crosswalk

Small roundabout with pedestrian island

Another small roundabout

...and another

Shopping center roundabout

Chicanes with bike lanes

Photos courtesy www.pedbikeimages.com. Photographers: Dan Burden, ITE Pedestrian Bicycle Council, Portland Office of Transportation, Michael King.